Best projects to start coding

Carolina Cobo
3 min readApr 11, 2022

Looking back I wish I knew about this when I started coding

Starting anything in life seems really complicated and even more if it’s deciding what you want to have as part of your portfolio.

I’ve been talking to other people like me who decided to change careers and some of them picked to do a CS degree and feel they might not have any work to show. And that has been proved to be the best way to get the first job in tech. Said that I think there’s no harm in learning CS fundamentals and a lot of the topics that people learn while doing a college degree.


It seems odd starting here, but if you have no ideas it’s a great start. It might seem odd if you don’t have much but it’s the perfect thing to build on plain HTML and CSS. It’s also you can keep working on and will be a good exercise to practice new skills once you acquire them.

As always FreeCodeCamp for the win. In that link, you can see examples of portfolios using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

W3Schools has also a good few ideas on how to start and build a basic portfolio and also the theory you should learn about HTML syntax and structures.


Games are probably one of the hardest programming challenges you could face, but as with all…



Carolina Cobo

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